All the deets

Theos Conference is an immersive, digital experience over the course of three days, Feb. 13-15. Our mission, the challenges, how we approach it and how we measure success.

Who it's for

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For growing in faith

There are conferences that focus solely on Product, UX, Design or Dev, but software can't be built in silos. We need to break down the barriers between silos to help people get a system's view of software delivery. Titles become less important on product teams as everyone works together.

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For those who are sick of surface level conferences

The world is full of experienced beginners. People who have spent a lot of time doing something but never mastered their craft. In order to master the craft, they must work closely with other experienced practitioners to help share insights and knowledge. The Descon community, through regular local events and online meetups, is a way for teams to expand, grow, learn and network.

The latest practices

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Case study examples

The theory is great, but you need tangible examples when pitching to change your organisation. We ask our speakers to share the processes they are following, the challenges they encountered, how they overcame them and the benefits they are now achieving.

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A framework for change

Everything in an organisation is connected. So when you try to make a small change in one area it can have ripple effects in other areas. This is often enough to shut down your experiment and progress. We're developing a framework, based on the learning from over 300 case studies, to help people tackle this challenge.